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A Next Level Family Compound
In Brighton

Introducing the enchanting trio of cottages in Brighton, a testament to family unity and creative architectural finesse. Embarking on an 18-month journey alongside our clients, we navigated the complexities of municipal regulations to achieve a dream long held: a communal haven where backyards blend seamlessly, fostering connections and togetherness. With each cottage meticulously crafted to maximize living spaces, the essence of these homes lies in their ability to accommodate large family gatherings without sacrificing comfort or style. Nestled close to the soothing embrace of the water, this unique ensemble features a grand shared backyard, inviting endless outdoor activities and memorable moments under the sun. Inside, the cottages boast an abundance of bedrooms, ingeniously designed to host large family visits, ensuring that each member finds their cozy corner. At these properties, every detail echoes our commitment to creating spaces where families can thrive together, making it more than just a property—it's a sanctuary where lasting memories are made.

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