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Wellington Kitchen Upgrade

Welcome to Wellington, where a lovely couple found their dream project after moving from the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia. Yearning for a touch of renovation magic on their newly acquired property, they envisioned a home that mirrored their life by the water, with open spaces that breathed ease and elegance. This property, standing proud at the 15-20 year mark, underwent a comprehensive makeover, bringing to life three luxurious bathrooms, a serene bedroom complete with a full closet, and a basement revamped into a versatile storage and living area. Not stopping there, the upper floor saw a grand transformation of the living room and kitchen into an open-concept marvel, alongside a meticulously designed laundry room. The kitchen, once cramped and closed-off, now boasts an inviting breakfast nook, perfect for morning contemplations or evening unwinds. Key to this renovation was the use of local treasures, featuring exquisite flooring by Gaylord Flooring, which not only added a layer of authenticity but also supported the community's craftsmanship. Each corner of this home now reflects a story of transformation, usability, and love, making it not just a house, but a true home

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