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Glengarry Construction is a Brighton based contracting company that can handle any size job with the highest level of professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction. We specialize in interior and exterior construction as well as professional landscaping services. Every job is tackled with seamless project management to maximize efficiency and to minimize any inconvenience for our clients. We go the extra distance to make your dream project a reality!

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Exterior Renovations

We do roof repairs, shingle replacement, commercial metal and flat roofing, siding, seamless eaves trough, fascia, windows and doors.

Interior Renovations

We take on any size construction task, big or small. Our seamless project management ensures that you get the most professional yet cost-effective service on every job.


Be sure to visit our landscaping section to find out more about our sister company Glengarry Landscape Innovations!

Why Choose Glengarry Construction?

Skilled Craftsmen

The Glengarry team is driven to be the best at what we do. No matter if it’s a large scale commercial roofing job or a small residential bathroom renovation our team members have the experience and industry knowledge to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Full Project Transparency

We understand that as a customer you want to be kept in the loop no matter what the job. We take a personal, informative approach with our customers and we make sure to keep you well informed at all times about the status of your project.

Covered By Our Warranty

We’re confidant in our skilled team and quality work we produce. We guarantee that our work will hold up for years to come. Exterior projects are covered by our 10 year warranty while interior projects are covered for 3 years.*

Accurate Quotes & Pricing

We have excellent systems in place to make very precise estimations as to what your project will cost. Our inspectors are very experienced and are knowledgeable enough to give you accurate quotes that you can feel confidant about.

References & Testimonials

One of the best ways to find out more about a company is to ask them for references. At Glengarry, we have many real, unsolicited references and testimonials from our past clients. Simply contact us and we can put you in touch.

Exceeding Standards

Our work is always up to code. In fact, often times we will exceed industry standards to ensure you’re getting the highest quality, most long lasting product. We want your new roof or newly remodeled home to last you many years

Reliable And Dependable

Nothing is worse than a contractor who is always late, doesn't return phone calls or that leaves jobs unfinished. At Glengarry Construction, we pride ourselves in our punctuality and dependability. We work very hard to meet the promised deadline, and maximize your bottom line.

Customer Support Team

Our team is well trained and ready to answer your questions with a smile. From our inspection agents to our phone support staff, to our roofing and construction team, each member of Glengarry takes the same approach to customer support and satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

We work extremely hard and will go the extra mile to make you happy! That’s one of the main reasons our company see’s such a high rate of repeat business and referrals. There’s nothing better than seeing our clients smile at the end of a job well done.